Meat, Meat, and more Meat.

Hey Everybody!

Thought I’d share a little experiment I’m partaking in this month. After hearing some compelling arguments regarding the benefits of animal tissue consumption, I have taken it upon myself to eat predominantly meat for the the month of January. Sounds crazy. Believe it or not, January is World Carnivore Month, which apparently means a bunch of people connect and share their experience with consuming only meat products for the entire month. I have chosen to participate in this as well, and for the last 4 days have consumed almost entirely meat, including a small amount of coffee, cream, and eggs as they are OK foods to be considered carnivorous. No carbs, no fruits or vegetables, just meat and a lot of it.

You’re probably all thinking this is crazy, I did too, at first. It may well be, but considering my chronic desire for experimentation with diets and lifestyle I cannot ignore this if it proves to be beneficial. The main argument that caught my attention, was articulated by Dr. Shawn Baker. The basis of his argument, as I understand it, is that the human body requires the production of tissue and use of energy to function and thrive. Meat provides both of these things, and evidently very well. He goes on to say that meat is incredibly well absorbed into your body, which I concur with consider fat is a source of energy (if you’ve studied Keto you’ll know this) and easily used by the body when on a low carb diet and also the concept of building of tissue. Why not eat the very product you are trying to gain? Tissue.

There are many details I am still seeking out and will share as the month progresses. In particular the consumption of fiber and phyto-nutrients from carbs, fruits and vegetables, which at this point, does not seem optimal for human digestion or as necessary as what is commonly believed, being that everything you “push-out” is product your body does not need or use. I’ve had a movement everyday without them. So why eat it? Meat seems to provide a great profile of necessary nutrients for the body. I’m fascinated by the idea of this diet, and am anxious to see how this month goes and what kind of traction the carnivorous diets gains as a result. Some of the testimonials I’ve looked into have shown some individual that have been on a fully carnivorous diet for 20+ years and are in incredible condition.

Until next time,


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