My, that is a tasty Burger!

I recently got a burger from the Uptown Diner, and while eating it I had flashbacks to a scene from Pulp Fiction. Only the burger part, not the hitman-shoot-to-kill part. The burger was, in fact tasty. However, it was not a Big Kahuna Burger. I can only imagine that burger was tasty. Any place serving burgers for breakfast has to be. Based on the scene in that apartment, I’d venture to guess all that stuff was still sitting there from last night.

This week, we have a interesting pairing of Tahoe OG Kush. It should go well through the entire meal. With tastes of lemon and pine, it will leave you completely relaxed on the couch.


“This is without a doubt the strongest OG Kush I have ever tried. This is a very heavy, very potent strain of OG. It has the classic OG high but it’s markedly stronger than any OG I’ve had in recent memory. The smell is the classic OG smell, piney and fresh. Just inhaling this weed lets you know it’s dank. You almost cough smelling the buds, the aroma is so potent. The buds are covered in thick orange hairs and trichomes. The buds are dense, but not uber dense, like AK-47. The buds looks like pine cones or artichokes. Very aethetically pleasing stuff. The smoke is dank in the lungs. If you hold it in you’ll get a good cough. The taste is the classic OG taste, fresh, piney (as opposed to earthy or fruity). The high comes on really quick, and it’s blasting from there on. Very potent. Very strong effect. Very pronounced body high that comes on with an oomph. Strong OG sedative and analgesic effect. Potent head high, you definitely don’t concentrate on the present moment in this high, it causes your mind to wander, you drift into thought, daydreaming and imagining. The effect last for a very long time, a couple hours. The effect was so strong at first that it was almost a little too strong. For a few minutes at the peak was very, very high. I would recommend taking only one good hit of this before you know how strong it is. I took three full loads and the effect was very strong. In conclusion, this is currently the most potent OG I know of right now. This is a classic, prototypical OG strain, and anyone who wants to know what OG is or wants to try OG, this is the definitive OG, at least in Los Angeles, right now.”


“This is a 5 Star strain, that is for sure! It seems that somehow that the Pacific Northwest gets embodied in a plant, in both the taste and high. Yet, the strain is given the namesake of Tahoe!? The taste? Well, it’s the woods of Oregon’s coastal mountain range. after a fresh rain in the either of the transitions between our two seasons. It’s piney & musty, yet still smells/tastes fresh and clean, thanks to lemon notes. The high? It’s like a lazy Sunday during the colder, wetter & more windy season. It’s blustery outside, you got your super warm and cozy jammies on you and football on your TV. A fresh batch of chili is simmering away on the stove and it’s filling the warm air of your little home with it’s intoxicating aroma. While you stand at the window, watching branches whip and get ripped off of there trees. Feeling safe and comfy in your little haven; your little fortress from the madness of the world and it’s elements; in your home. Knowing that your night promises good times to be had tonight, trading insults, telling lies & gross exaggerations & minor falsehoods with good friends & food. While occasionally watching the football game. All to be finished with a nap.”

Well, you may want to prepare yourself before indulging in our pairing this week. Until next week…

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