Daily Life Enhancement: Experiencing Fasting

Over the last 2 and half years, I have been experimenting with a variety of different food methodologies and diets. Each of these experiments have involved some form of intermittent fasting and while I’m not an expert on nutrition or fitness, I have found many significant results from implementing simple fasting strategies.

The first diet I experimented with (which kicked off my exploration into intermittent fasting) is what I have come to know as “The Warrior Diet.” For me, this diet became an extreme form of fasting, in which I only allowed myself to consume one meal per day after 6PM within a 1-2 hour time frame, eating as much food as possible. The recommendation was a 5 – 8 hour time period. I was working out also, so I did consume some protein supplements during the day. I also did not consume any alcohol.

I believe the approach to this diet, was to consume foods in a similar time frame to how our hunter/gather ancestors would (work by day and dine by night) and is similar to the paleo diet where sugars and starches are not consumed.  The benefit I gained from this particular type of fasting was huge weight loss and incredible willpower. I started off weighing 210 pounds and after several months rested around 170 pounds.

Self-discipline was gained through spending a large part of the day feeling hungry, then going to the gym around 5PM with no food in my body. My first meal of the day was around 7-8PM, making my fasts around 24 hours long, and I did this 5-6 times per week for nearly 8 months.

My approach to the diet, was not without consequence. I took it to an extreme for too long. My main issue was not getting enough food. Even though I could eat as much as I wanted during the time frame, I didn’t have the capacity in my stomach to consume enough before getting ungodly full. Over an 8 month period I began to slowly burn out. It was at this point that my willpower fell away and old habits returned.

To this day, I still experiment with different forms of fasting, as I can feel the power in it. I have also read and heard from many sources the positive physiological benefits that come from fasting (anti-inflammation, lower risk of cancer/Alzheimer are few to note).

My experience with The Warrior Diet overall was good, and I still implement it every so often. It taught me that hunger can be controlled and redirected into other positive outlets. However, for daily life, I have tuned fasting back to a 5-10 hour period where food is consumed with the remainder of the day/night only consuming water.

I have also avoided sugars (except dark chocolate) and severely limited starches, leaving mostly vegetables, fats, and protein sources. This has allowed me to keep weight off and still have energy and focus during the day.

Doing a vast amount of research has worked the best for me in finding an ideal lifestyle considering everybody has different goals and ideas about their health and wellness. This is one trick that has empowered me and I will continue to experiment with going forward.


3 thoughts

  1. Love the warrior diet but like you said after while it I feel like i do not get enough energy for the day. I have been eating more during the day, snacks and then a big dinner. And keeping it in a ten hour period. sometime twelve hours. I for sure keep the fat off and have lot of energy. Thanks for this post.


  2. Yeah the Warrior Diet is pretty extreme. Maybe once in a while you skip eating during the day and have one main meal. But it’s probably better to eat more meals. It’s definitely shown to help keep lean and lose fat if needed by eating withing a 12 to 10 hour window, usually during the day time.


  3. I tried the warrior diet/intermittent fasting when I was getting in shape for my debut modeling gig at JELQ Magazine. It helped me cut pretty well but once I found out about carb refeeding, I was able to cut down to modeling BMI. I’ve found it beneficial to intermittent fast but to also allow yourself to have carb heavy days, like after super hard workouts.


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