Green Eats – Let’s Go Out!

Who doesn’t like cooking at home? You get to have everything just the way you want it. Hell, you can violate the health code as many times as you want without repercussions. There’s not a loud drunk person sitting next to you, yelling about whatever floats through their mind. But once in a while, it can be great to focus on the meal itself. Cue, going out to eat.

If you guessed this week is going to be a shitty meal due to the fact that we are going out to eat, well, you’d be right. Since we are going out, I figured we’d eat at the least green place possible, McDonalds. The dedicated among us know that I have already posted about the delicious breakfast that is provided 24/7 at participating locations. Alas, today I will write about the Big Mac. I recommend either getting your meal to go or ordering at the drive-thru.

What you will need:

  • 1 Big Mac
  • 1 Large French Fry
  • 1 Large Soft Drink
  • 1 M&M McFlurry

Once you have arrived safely at a private residence, you will be ready for the next step, none other than this weeks pairing.

This week our pairing is Orange Kush. The acidic and sweet flavors will balance nicely with the extreme flavors present in our McDonalds “meal”. Perhaps we can gain a bit of insight from a first hand account.


“Orange Kush- The anxiety eliminator! This strain is very citrus heavy in both the flavor and aroma… if smoking an Orange was a thing, it would be compared to Orange Kush, that’s how tasty it is. The effects were amazing! I was in the middle of moving to a new city and my anxiety was sky-high. But after one joint of Orange Kush I was completely relaxed and much more excited about my move. Recommended to relieve stress and/or anxiety. Enjoy!”

Looks like our pairing also serves to eliminate anxiety. Don’t self medicate without consulting your physician first! Until next week, feel free to give me shit for not making something in the kitchen at home.

2 thoughts

  1. Okay, so the Big Mac and its accompanying sides are incredibly dank. So, too, is Orange Kush. However, in my personal experience, prefacing a joint of any variety, indica or sativa, with the aforementioned meal results in what is loosely known in the medical community as a McDonald’s Relapse, where, in your stomach, the TCH binds with the chemical ingredients found in the food and causes an extreme blood sugar fluctuation, resulting in a steep spike, then a very deep drop, which then causes extreme cravings for more McDonalds, even seconds after finishing the joint. Therefore, it may very well turn out to be an all night Mickey D’s, Kush-driven binge sesh. Yumm!

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  2. Ay mate, good stuff here. McDonalds in the UK is different but i’m gonna try it anyways. seems a good pairing indeed


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