One Star Review Thursday XV

I have never been to Boulder, however, the only things I’ve heard about it are positive. Attractive women, the great outdoors, and depending on the season, just a short drive to world renowned skiing and riding. If you’re making Boulder “base-camp” for your trip, look no further than our featured reviews.

“Silver Saddle”


“…My concerns could be put into two categories: aesthetics and safety. With regard to the general look of the property, the “carport” was partially filled with refuse including several discarded armchairs, old bed frames, lattice fencing, a ladder, lumber and garbage… All of the bathroom fixtures were cracked and/or chipped. The shower enclosure was very small and had a layer of black mold along the bottom… The door had a fist-sized depression at eye level and peeling veneer along the bottom edge. The closet had one sliding door hinged only on the top (but not on the bottom), and to get into the closet, you had to close the bathroom door first. You could only access one side of the closet at a time because of this sliding partition (door). The room was so small that only person could be standing and walking at the same time. The sheets were threadbare and had holes in them. They were not changed even once during the 3 days I was there. The overhead light fixture was one bare bulb,… the windows were dirty and covered with bug debris, the linoleum in the bathroom was peeling, and there were old magazines and candy wrappers under the bed. If you closed the door with anything more than a gentle touch, the window flew open. The door did have a lock but there wasn’t a security latch. We improvised and wedged a can opener through a hasp… There was a coffee pot in the room but you were required to go to the office each day and ask for supplies. We were given just one filter and one bag of coffee. Now the safety concerns: the cord for the air conditioning unit AND the cord of the refrigerator ran underneath the air conditioning unit but just above the sink (over water!). There was one outlet in the kitchenette and plugged into that was a power strip that was left dangling in the air into which ALL of the appliances were plugged. The outlet was ungrounded and the grounding plug on the power strip was broken off. None of the appliances could therefore be grounded. There were no fire extinguishers in the kitchenette. There was one more outlet in the sleeping area of the room but it was hidden behind the bed. The heating unit was rusty and very used looking and got so hot when it turned on that it made the handle of our suitcase too hot to touch… How much more can I say…plenty..and all this for the bargain price of $80.00/day!”


sarah s

“Holy wow. I truly felt like I was staying at a meth lab motel. The setting is beautiful, but it’s really unbelievable how downright disgusting the rooms are. I felt like I was in an episode of ‘Breaking Bad.’ Thrift store bought furniture was falling apart, bugs on the cracked walls and ceiling, hairs left behind by previous occupants. Amazing that they charge more than $40/night. SAVE YOURSELVES! DON’T STAY HERE!!”

“Looked charming in the front…scary in the back!!!”


“I thought I was booking one of the vintage looking cabins in the front of the property but actually got an exterior entry motel room in the isolated rear of the property. Appeared to be decorated in the 60’s or 70’s and for the first time ever for me, I wedged the desk chair under the door knob. The man in the office was very accommodating but I would not choose to stay there again. Someone was camped out in a fenced area by the office. I did not feel safe.”

“Do not stay here!”


“The hotel sits in a gorgeous setting- at the foot of the Flagstaff mountains. This was also the reason the hotel staff gave for bugs in the bed. The room had broken down furniture, no smoke detectors, and a chain that you had to loop around the door knob for security. They charged $6.00 extra per person over 2 people- which really adds up on top of the $98.00 a night charge. I have never seen a hotel room more run-down.”

Management Response:

“The reviews from Kansas need to be responded to in order to gain a little sense of balance. Both these reviews came from a team that stayed with us for only one night. The team was having a hard time finding accommodations since they had waited too long to make their reservations. Without responding individually to each allegation, I can say that they have not portrayed our motel in a truthful manner. There is another team review on our web site guestbook which is very pleasant and should be given equal weight with this unpleasant review. We have thousands of visitors each year and no one else has made the accusations they have. Our cleaning staff works hard and does not leave our rooms with pet odors or dirty socks smells or used coffee in the coffee pots. We would be unable to run a business if our rooms were as they said. The chain locks represent good security in our area of Boulder where there is no crime to speak of. The rooms are all equipped with smoke detectors and we now have a full time carpet cleaning member on our staff who regularly steam cleans the carpets. We do not have bugs in the beds even though we are located near National Forest. No one could run a business this way. Just like any home in the woods, there is the occasional spider or bug. We don’t want to spread bug poison all over the motel grounds to prevent this. We have purchased all new sheets, blankets and bedspreads. Our beds are firm and most people say they are very comfortable. Our price is very competitive for Boulder. People from out of town are not accustomed to the higher prices in Boulder. If our prices don’t meet their needs I would suggest that they shop around a little to find a price within their range. We try very hard to please, but it appears that something more than service prompted this review. We are sorry that things did not turn out better for our friends from Kansas, but we gladly refunded their money when they wanted to leave and wished them well. Apparently they did not feel the same. This is unfortunate, but they represent an extremely small percentage of the normally very satisfied customers that we have. Being full nearly every night in the summer speaks more about our business than a couple of unpleasant year old reviews. We routinely receive very positive reviews on our website Guestbook which would be a good place to look to find out more about our motel. We were the motel of choice for Boulder when the Hollywood Movie “Catch and Release” starring Jennifer Garner was filmed in Boulder and have also had several Warren Miller Ski Videos produced at our motel.

Management,,,,,,,Silver Saddle Motel”

This is the first hotel One Star Review Thursdays has encountered with management that cared enough to respond. Until next week, search one star reviews for the truth, the true critics are always found there.

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