One Star Review Thursday XIV

With spring break season coming to a close, many people may have returned to jobs that they hate, only to plan their next escape from the office. Yellowstone, arguably the most fabled national park in the world is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists alike. I have personally been to Yellowstone in the winter, and despite the cold and snow, there was literally nobody there.


Lorna v

“We went there and we found ourselves surrounded by a thousand people or maybe more.
There was no quiet area, no respect for nature, there were a lot of Chinese that would come out of huge tourist buses in every point of interest, and they were the loudest and rudest people in the world I might say.

There were rows to get to the disgusting bathrooms, at least I waited for 15 minutes everytime.

There were traffic inside of a national park!!!!! It was ridiculous, we couldn’t enjoy nature, we tried to take pictures but since there were so many people it was kinda impossible. People would get into the picture or you had to wait to take your picture cause everybody wanted to have just the same picture as you.
We will never go again, it’s like Disneyland, not a national park anymore.

Visited July 2016″

“Very Disappointed… not with Yellowstone as much… too many people-EVERYWHERE!”


“We went in August, I guess like everyone else in the WORLD does. Yellowstone has so much beauty, but it is difficult to access any of it with people everywhere; crowds and crowds of people. People who don’t use common sense, who push and shove their way everywhere and people who don’t know how to drive those rented motorhomes cutting you off and leaving the lower compartments open so all their crap flies out while they’re going down the road. We saw more badly behaved people by far than we did animals. One women and her son came to stand right in front of a group of people sitting on the benches waiting to see old faithful. She pushed her way up through the crowd who was already there. She could have sat down, but she chose to get her big butt right in front of this group so they couldn’t see. I felt so bad for an older lady who finally had to get up and try to walk backward just to see old faithful erupt. This women and her son(?) could have stayed back about 15 feet to see the same view, but they needed to have an edge over small children and the elderly … way to go. I’m from an area where the population of wild beasts outnumbers the locals, 10-1 so I was excited to see this area, but I was very disappointed. I will need to go at another time, to give the area a fair chance. If you can avoid the summer, I would. We didn’t see a lot of animals, except buffalo, even though we got up at the crack of dawn one morning to get to Lamar valley before the masses. If I was an animal I would run for the hills and stay as far away from the crazy people as possible too.”

“Worst Experience Traveling EVER!”


“We were one of the first people there that day and were able to drive through the enormous parking lot and found a space right up next to the lodge. We got our souvenirs and the sign in the shop indicated that they estimated the most reliable geyser in the world might be erupting in the next 5 minutes or so. Hurrying out to the viewing area, we found some nice seats on the benches right up front. Like we said, we were one of the first people there and at that point, couldn’t see any reason that we would not be able to get a nice photograph of Old Faithful when it went off.

Two hours and bus load after bus load after bus load of visitors later, it was obvious that the geyser was going to erupt and just then, we were swarmed with tourists taking up seats on the edge of the 2 feet of deck in front of us and then standing in the space between those people and our seats. It was all I could do to keep from going Hiroshima and Nagasaki on them. I grabbed Sandi and towed her back to the truck. We stopped only to take a picture from the parking lot and to avoid being crushed into a dumpster by a tour bus that suddenly, without warning, decided to relocate. Even honking our horn didn’t stop him from pulling out. As the driver stared at our fingers out his rearview mirror, he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, ‘Hey, it’s all part of the Yellowstone Experience.’ Screw the Yellowstone Experience!”

Remember Mr. Wang from Caddyshack? If not, check out this video clip, and pay attention to the first 20 seconds. In Mr. Wang’s defense, you never know what shot is going to turn out.

Take my word for it, get to Yellowstone ASAP before the vultures descend again this summer season. Remember, you heard the truth here first; it’s always in the one star reviews. Until next week…

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