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The Power of a Simple Wooden Stick

A few months ago, in my never-ending quest to improve my mind and body, I stumbled onto yet another product that has changed my life in a significant way. What is it? None other than a simple little tooth pick.

Yes, a toothpick.

For many years I was a cigarette smoker and chewed long-cut tobacco.  I used these two tobacco products on and off, sometimes in excess, and definitely to an unhealthy degree. I have never been one to use common methods for quitting like gum, patches or vapes. Mostly because I don’t believe in treating the issue (nicotine) with the same substance I’m aiming to avoid. On the few occasions, though, where I have quit, it has always been cold turkey, but it has never lasted…

Recently, though, I quit using tobacco products altogether, and entirely by accident (excluding the occasional cigar). While cruising through my local co-op I came upon a toothpick product in the dental section.  After reading the label I learned they were tea tree mint toothpicks and are supposed to help freshen your breath (tea tree mint is in many organic toothpastes for this reason). Being the curious individual I am, I purchased a container for around $2.00. I popped one in my mouth and found the subtle mint taste to be soothing and enjoyable.

It was almost two weeks later when I realized I hadn’t bought any cigs or chew since the night before I bought the toothpicks. I’m not sure why, but having a toothpick in my mouth that tasted good allowed me to completely forget about tobacco.

It’s been months now since I’ve had any tobacco (again, excluding a cigar once in a while).

The greater reward from this discovery is that I’ve replaced an unhealthy habit with a healthy one, and it still satisfies the same urge. I now benefit from having a cleaner and healthier mouth, which is the opposite result of heavy tobacco user. And I did it in a completely organic way.

And I have saved money! The cost of the pack of toothpicks is around two bucks and last me about two weeks. I was spending around $13.00 per week using chewing tobacco.  To put that into perspective, it comes to around $650 to $700 per year.  I can tell you now I won’t be disappointed to have that money (minus the $50 from the toothpicks) in my pocket at the end of the year.

To anyone struggling with a tobacco addiction, this could be a helpful tool in getting you unhooked. It’s not a surefire way to quit and I’m not a doctor, but this worked for me personally and is certainly worth trying if you are like me and search for healthy and organic ways to enhance your life.

2 thoughts

  1. I think people underestimate the power of simple wooden sticks for a myriad of applications, tobacco cessation being perhaps a lesser know one but indeed no less effective. In lieu of the fact that I don’t actually smoke or chew, I’ll give it a shot anyway. Who knows? Maybe I’ll not smoke or chew even more! But for realz, if it’s an oral fixation that’s behind the tobacco habit of a given individual, keeping a delightfully pleasant, mint-flavored toothpick betwixt one’s lips might just do the trick. It might also help those who smoke them straight up Newport menthols, my dude. Ya dig?


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