Unnecessary Investigative Journalism

Fake news. It’s what everyone is talking about. You won’t get crap like that here. I am pleased to announce a new segment to the Mumbled Minds blog – Unnecessary Investigative Journalism.

There’s plenty of news out there but Mumbled Minds will have stories no one else is covering. You can be sure there will be nothing fake about this. Every Friday we will update you on what we found the prior seven days for a story we are following. Once we feel we have gotten the answers needed, we will move onto a new story.

If you feel there is something not being covered, something unnecessary, and believe we can handle the job, then email us at mumbled.minds.media@gmail.com

Without further ado, I would like to announce the first issue to be covered is… Beanie Babies. What happened to them? What’re the makers of Beanie Babies doing now? I’m going to dig deep into the toy industry to find out what happened to this once popular line.

Posted in UIJ

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