One Star Review Thursday XI

It’s March Madness currently, and the final this year is in Phoenix, Arizona. You’re going to the game (probably not), looking for a hotel to stay (probably not), and you can’t decide where to go (we know none of this is happening). I am here to help make that decision for you, or at least where not to go.



Fresh blood and feces on broken toilet seat. Mold in the shower. Mold in the refrigerator. blood stains on the bedspread. Entry door handle broke. Swing lock was hanging by one loose screw. Loud guests in the room above. Vagrants hanging out on hotel property. Never again will I stay at a Days Inn property!

Army L

“Horrible Stay”

I left this hotel about 2 hours after I checked in. The manager speaks no English, the staff is unprofessional, and the room is filthy. I found a cockroach in the room, and there were stains on the carpet, and red stains on the countertops. The bathroom window was broken, and could not be locked. Very loud drilling outside of the door around 1 pm.

The location is very questionable, as the state prison is only a block or so away, and there is a strip club across the street. Many questionable characters walking around the general vicinity. The manager charged my card twice, and I had to contact my bank to dispute the charge for it to come off.

This hotel is also on the bed bug registry of hotels and has bedbugs of which the manager has knowledge of but has refused to do anything about in the past. The first room I was given at checkout also had the bed completely unmade, and an empty pizza box on the desk. Clearly, it had not been cleaned. When I notified management of this, the manager himself walked out to the room for a few minutes, came back later and told me that the room was now clean.

I hope to god that he did not just walk in, spiff it up a bit, and offer it to me again. It is clear that the sheets were not washed at all, and there is dirt and grime all over the carpet and walls. I would stay away from this place at all costs, and I did–I opted to pay for another hotel the same day/night just to get out of here, hence only checking out after 2 hours.

Lauri E

“A Dump.”

I would not let my worst enemy stay here. The room was filthy. This is the worst hotel I have ever been in. There were dirty clothes from the last guests laying on the bathroom sink, nasty crud on the walls. I don’t know what was in the room but I had bites all over my legs. There were bars on the windows and I was afraid to go out after dark. I would have rather stayed in a tent. Can’t even believe Days Inn lets them have a sign. I won’t even talk about the whores on the streets. Don’t stay here.

Room Tip: Leave before you get out of the car.

Unfortunately these people, and 40% of other reviewers had a bad time. Maybe if they stayed during the final four they would be too happy from seeing the games that they wouldn’t care about room conditions. Rookie mistake. Until next time…

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