One Star Review Thursday IX

It’s late at night, but still Thursday, so calm down. This is the best time of night for this special review. For we are going to talk about the Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach, FL. Panama City Beach is famous this time of year as a destination for spring breakers. The Holiday Inn in town knows this, and has a treat for anyone who wants to be there, but cannot. They have put up a camera in the pool area of the hotel. Many people tune in to watch drunk spring breakers party all day, and all night, at the pool.


“Bad Experience”

Hotel full of uncontrolled foul mouth teenagers. Caused many problems for family visitors. Management did nothing to police up the behavior. Recommend staying somewhere else if you’re on a family vacation.

Examples of the problems included teens playing football games in the pool, making the pool useless to anyone else. Teens yelling vulgarities. Huge speakers brought to hot tub area where rap is played over the music already provided by the hotel.


“Spring Break From Hell”

I understand during Spring Break college students come down here to party but holy cow! I will never stay here again! Definitely not family friendly during Spring Break. Things being done here that shouldn’t be. My children couldn’t even set on the balcony due to what was being smoked in the neighboring room. Horrible experience.


“Nightmare On Beautiful Beach!”

This whole vacation has been a huge nightmare. Holiday Inn has allowed this hotel to be invaded by unruly, disrespectful, loud teenagers. They do not care about families with children. These teenagers are smoking pot which can be smelled while sitting out on the balcony or sitting down by the pool. The underage drinking was appalling. The dancing and gyrating around the DJ were enough to make an adult vomit. The doors slammed all night the music goes until 2 am. There is vomit in the hallways and elevators. I will never come back here again. There was no other hotel to move to as all were sold out. Most hotels have an age requirement of 21 but here it’s only 18. I even saw a parent handing their teenage child a bud lite. Disgraceful!! Police were patrolling as best they could but they were grossly outnumbered. Families stay away! I will be contacting IHG to let them know what goes on in this hotel.


“If You Love Noise And Drama, You Found Your Sanctuary!!”

If you enjoy noise until 2:30 am, hundreds of rude teenagers, tolerated cigarette and pot smoking near children, underage drinking, and management that doesn’t listen to your concerns, then you will LOVE this place! Not to mention the rooms are old and dingy, lacks a comforter on the master bed, and the bathrooms smell musty. We were promised by the “Director of Operations”,”Mark” that our second night would be much nicer than the first, as the pool would indeed close by midnight. Well, that never happened, even after security was called several times. This getaway left us tired, annoyed, and promising ourselves that we will never stay at ANY Holiday Inn ever again.



We usually stay at condos in PCB, but we were only staying for a short period of time. Never again will I stay here or recommend it, There were spring breakers everywhere-loud-drunk-nude-swearing-and other unmentionable things. The pool is in the front and the noise travels right up to the building. The kids were out there till all hours, keeping us awake. We had thought the break was over, but not here. They cater to the kids. If you complain the disdain and rudeness of the staff are astonishing in a chain motel. I guess my warning is to people who expect the same level of service that they give the spring breakers. Not so. The college kids are allowed to do anything they want – run up and down the halls at all hours – screaming and shouting, drunk as can be. Never again will I stay at this holiday inn – or any other holiday inn for that matter because of my experience at this one.

The hotel is reviewed well, and these are unfortunate victims who decided to stay at the capital of Spring Break in the United States during Spring Break. Feel free to follow the the Pool Cam, and the other cameras set up around the beach, for your enjoyment during the month of March.

Until next time…


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