One Star Review Thursday VIII

When I woke up this morning, I drove a cross several bridges before I got to work. Never did I think that driving across a bridge could be so complicated.

“Bad Experience”


“We were crossing to Detroit , on an empty drizzly evening to take a passport to a friend which had been mixed up with our son’s , who had driven friends toDetroit earlier who needed the right documents. We got in the Nexus lane accidently and the officer shouted; You better have a nexus pass,( which we didn’t have,) Needless to say we were pulled over by this rude bully who acted like a high school nasty. This is the new normal and has been for too long .This attitude is a disgrace! When were in the building the fellow at the front also had an attitude. What are the requirements for standard courtesy amongst countries with this full display of animosity at every opportunity. I will totally admit we’ve had some excellent and even funny fellows and polite articulate women, but we’ve been to many borders with countries that have at one time been at war, and were treated better. Education is necessary for this sad behaviour to stop. I’m worried for this situation, if we were not so bs nice or something that is hidden by passivity we would be screaming, gee is it something that Harper didn’t kiss ?
.We went into the station greeted by yet another attitudinal (male ) who looked at me as if II had committed murder; try 35 minutes later and the fellow said ; oh You just got in the wrong lane !!! Quelle revalation!This is not anything but childish bullying sanctioned by the powers that be, protecting very few. As a psychologist I would suggest that this distrust is manufactured by a former government which overreacted to a singular attack , my heart went out ; now it’s vengeful.We finally left after we had given these fellows something to do to focus upon and definitely not kind nor productive, ;the prroblm is worse here perhaps for some reason at borders of with there is no dispute. This is baffling; negative and really abhorent to normal thinking
people Be careful! On the way home funny people and coolis it all.Report if otherwis”

Alright, take a bayer asprin and stop the stroke.

If crossing into Canada as an American steer clear of this border!!!!


“They ransacked my vehicle, dropping luggage onto the ground, tipping bags of toiletries and personal belongings everywhere. Wouldn’t let me watch them as they went through my money, my valuables. Total abuse of power and their attitude was crap. Made me feel like a felon! Then they denied me entry because I wasn’t carrying a utility bill, paycheck stub and deed to my home to prove that I had ties in the United States! Told me I was in violation of border crossing law by not carrying these documents with me. My Canadian boyfriend who I was traveling with was appalled at the treatment I received. I was traveled back and forth between the US and Canada every month for 4 years with never an issue. It was all I could do to stay calm to these 4 border crossing officers. And you know what we did? We drove back over the bridge and straight to the tunnel and got through with NO PROBLEMS. What a joke these creeps are. Total abuse of power. It’s possible to do ones job without being a condescending, disrespectful, hate filled jerk about it. And trust me, I have a lot more colorful words to use to describe the 2 women who searched our vehicle and the 2 man-boys who verbally accosted me in immigration BUT I love Trip Advisor and don’t want to have my account suspended!!”

I guess the border crossing was more enjoyable than the bridge. Until next week…


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