One Star Review Thursday VI

Hopefully you’ve worked up an appetite, because this week we’re going to a restaurant specializing in the American classic, Cheeseburgers and fries. As restaurant reviews are a bit short, two from the same establishment have been included this week.


“This place does not deserve to be on the top burgers lists,But definately on a top Nasty lists im really discussed at this point. I have been meaning to write a review for *** for quite a while,Sadly, a completely underwhelming experience.  I was terribly distracted by Hair being in my fries three times literally on different occasions. Not a hell of a lot of Respect or actions taking place,They were very unprofessional staff not to mention someones discussing hair being in my food three times then after giving them several times to correct the issues and not acting a fool on them cause everyone makes mistakes right but i hate when you try to consider that everyone make mistakes then they play you like its your fault it happen which i shouldn’t have because that was a trumatized experience but i did before i gave up on them now they will never get my business ever again. From the begining of the first to second call nothing was done the manager *** offered me a free frie next time but i never recieved them Staff continued to charge me every other time after for fries and was kind of acting wierd and looking at me funny when i came in. Now After speaking to Staff this time there solution was your burger fine just come get another frie which its the principle three times and you still want me to eat from there and Manager ***,*** he walked over to my place of business to get the fries and burger with the hair in it, he seen the hair in it even pick it up never apologized once but he did offer another order and i did consider it at first only because i was starving on my lunch break but it being the principle him never apologizing this happening three times i didnt want to trust it again so i just asked him to give me a refund and ill go somewhere else for lunch cause this is ridiculous and sad. The kitchen was full of teenage cooks that doesn’t wear any hair nets either and they are totally overwhelmed. I hate it when a place gets a lot of hype and doesn’t live up to them. I never know if it’s because people built it up to higher standards or if I’m being too picky but im very disappointed but that was barely a consolation.  Sorry ***, but your glory days are over these issues has to be addressed there need to be actions taking placed for your staff. You have lost a loyal customer…..”

I can vividly remember the one time that I was served food with a hair in it. Actually, it was french fries. It was probably a foot long, surrounded by partially chewed fries going down my esophagus. Pretty sure it touched my uvula on the way out, which didn’t help the cause. Yeah, I have never been there since. How this woman was able to endure a situation like this three times in a row is beyond me.


“I ate there after hearing they had great burgers so I took the long trek there .Never again my burger had a funny taste I would say it tasted of arsenic but I’ve never had arsen before I only ate a few bites I’m not one to complain so I just tossed it and said never will I eat at this establishment again ,by the end of the night I had projectile vomiting and diarrhea and was seen in the er with food poisoning .The dr asked me where had I ate at and I told him *** and he said I was the 3rd person to come in that night sick from eating there”

In case you were wondering (like me), “Several sources claim that most arsenic salts are tasteless, but may change the flavor of a food they contaminate (bitterness is often reported). One symptom of arsenic poisoning (like other metal poisonings) is a metallic taste in the mouth.“. At any rate, food poisoning SUCKS. I can’t believe Kim had the physical strength to make it to a doctor.

The next time you take a bite into a burger fresh off the grill this summer, make sure there aren’t any hairs or arsenic in it. You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Until next week, stay frosty.

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