One Star Review Thursday V

Sorry to keep you waiting, folks. Complicated business. Anywho, happy New Year and thanks for waiting for the next edition of the weekly review. But if you have read our very first article called Mumbled Minds Welcomes You, you would know that this would happen. Again. Without further ado, here is this weeks review.

Guest(with multiple random numbers)

Felt like I was in a movie, you know, the movies that the main characters get raped and murdered in their sleep.

“Absolute garbage. The first room (room 116) the ceiling in the bathroom was falling down and had mold, it looked like someone used the bathroom in the shower and spread it all around. The only security is the lock on the door which was only a key from the outside no security bar. The window was held closed by a 2×2 that looked like leftover lumber from an old construction site. There was no screen on any window. The bed was stained. The lamp was broken. The smoke detector was hanging off the ceiling, doubt if it worked. There was even a five dollar deposit for the remote to the TV that doesn’t work. There is a door that is not locked in the room that leads to another door that is in the room next door. We stayed for about 1/2 hour. Then we decided that it would be better to sleep in our car so we tried to get our money back but apparently there is a no refunds policy, even if you only stay for less than 30 minutes. He ended up offering us a new room which we demanded to look at before taking it but not before checking the room we were in. Then he moved us to 118 which was the room right next to the first one and although it was not good, it was better. We took the room but was still scared to go to sleep. Finally got over the fear that I would catch something as the tiredness kicked in. I push the chairs together and slept fully clothes. Woke up with a stiff neck and finally laid down next to my husband who braved the bed. Woke up, checked out, which was fun. Rang the bell since the lobby was still locked and the guy yelled as he got up to come to the tiny night window. Took the key and remote and then came out with a five dollar bill, walked over to the room to check it out then came back to give us our deposit. The building certainly is not up to health code standards and my next move is to report this place. It should be condemned. Fairly certain we saw a few meth heads check in and a well-off man with a hooker too. There was also a party going on in the room right above us. Not the management’s fault but he certainly did not do anything about it. Only plus side? They don’t require a debit card, hmmm I wonder why. I guess they have compassion for the people who cheat on their wives, at least it won’t show up on the statement.hahaha do not stay here. This place is terrifying. Also at $79 a night (holiday weekend) I hope they don’t charge this much normally. Our friends stayed at the Dixie hotel across the street. For about 20$ more, it is so much better. Unfortunately, by the time we decided to get a hotel. They were already full. No, I don’t have any business or personal relationship with either hotel/motel. Just giving an alternative for those thinking about staying here.”

It may be bad for you, but some hotels have to stay open for the lavish meth heads and caring cheating husbands. Until next week! Hopefully…

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