One Star Review Thursday IV

Hi boys and girls! This week we’re taking a bite out of a fine restaurant in the Philippines. Well, according to our new acquaintance Grace, it is not such a nice restaurant. Personally, I have read other reviews of this establishment, and I can say that it would more than cater to my simple needs. Now, for the star of the show….


“Horrible service”

“It’s my friends birthday treat and we decided to have dinner at *** in ***. Both of us has an *** membership card so we obviously want to use both since be paid around 9k for each card. Problem started when we arrived, they said they only have 1 table if we want but we can only use 1 card if we sit together, i declined since they will only give us 25% off instead of 50% even though my friend is paying. I did not argue with that bec it’s policy so we waited, while we were roaming around we noticed 7 tables empty in just one section of the hotel. also i noticed that the table for four can be moved to make it into a 2 seater i approached the front desk and told the girl if you have one table available that’s fine just split the table into 2, just move it a little, they said those tables that can be split are reserved. i said really? bec there are no reserved signs and those that don’t have *** discount card was immediately seated. here comes the “manager” *** [—], not sure if he is the manager but i highly doubt it, with his behavior it’s stupid for a 5 star hotel to hire him as one.The hotel is being robbed bec with his behavior, he is not making them any money. He was arrogantly explaining that they are fully booked LOL. He is an imbecile if he thinks we believe his excuses. I told him how can you be, there are so many seats available 7 tables at one side only and some can be split into 2. He said i have to listen to him and that i am not letting him explain. how can i listen when he clearly don’t listen, i told him a lot of 1 table can be split into 2 like they always do when we eat at spiral. This time around they are not willing to do it so we won’t be able to use the 2 cards. And he had the gall to tell us that we will thank him once we have a table, i straight out told him that you should give us a table bec we are paying customers even though we both have *** discount cards. and him expecting a thank you after waiting for over 30 mins of waiting is ludicrous. Instead of him helping us and being a service to us, he annoyed us more by making excuses. i truly wonder why he bothered to talk to us if he will be of no help. he is not doing his job properly and him being paid for his atrocious service skills is a joke. a waste of money. my main point is this, i don’t mind waiting for a table, i waited 2 hours to eat at *** when it was newly opened. but making us wait bec we both have an *** discount card while there are many vacant tables is wrong. we paid 9k for that card, of course we want to use it. My advice is this, never buy an *** discount card, the free room included can’t be booked. they will give you a weekday date with no choices just 1 day take it or leave it, it’s crazy. they will book you only if you add 4,500 for a room that you should be getting for free. Never again will i buy an *** “prestige.” It’s a joke, it’s not a prestige card, it’s a card that says i want a discount so you can give me horrible customer service. i would just rather use my credit cards that offers 50% off in many hotels like ***, ***, *** etc. Btw, those tables that he said was reserved was never occupied. My table with a friend was a 5 seater so was the other table. If they had only split the 4 seater in 2, just move the tables a little. They won’t be having a bad review. But i guess they just don’t care for their customers”.

It was honestly a struggle for me just to read through this and edit out nouns. I really wish that someone could lift the veil on the world of grammar to our friend Grace(seriously, I will give her free lessons). Until next week, safe travels!

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