The Gold Breakfast. Available 24/7.

The McDonald’s breakfast burrito.

The golden standard.

If you’ve never had one, you’re truly missing out. The good old number 14 breakfast with a black coffee. I like to call it the Roger special. Thanks to the good folks at McDonald’s corporate, as of October 2015 you can now get a sausage breakfast burrito any time of the day. I can remember the struggle of waking up before 10:30am in college, to be rewarded by this awesomeness at McDonald’s, and honestly I believe that it added to the reward. The sausage burritos glued together by the liquid-gooey American cheese, the hash browns seconds out of the deep fryer.

I wish I could continue this post, but my laptop battery is about to die, and I really don’t feel like going to get the charger.

Until next time, give the Roger special a shot.

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