A Vicarious Adventure?

Earlier today, I had some chicken wings that were in fact, quite delicious. After cleaning up the mess that the making of these wings created, I decided that I must go on an adventure.

What spurred this adventure was, in fact, my fighting Sioux sweatshirt. I must travel to the manufacturing facility where the sweatshirt was made. To begin, I checked the tag and discovered that it was “made in Pakistan”.

Now that we have our destination, we must embark. For this particular adventure, we must travel via land and sea. Sure we could jump on a plane and land in Karachi a while later, but wheres the fun in being a weekend warrior? Let’s make this a real Lewis and Clark expedition! We’ll begin by catching the empire builder out of Grand Forks at some odd hour of the morning when the train shows up three hours after the scheduled time.

After surviving on beef jerky and light beer that we snuck onto the train, hopefully we arrive in Seattle where we can grab a cab to the freight docks, and get on the ship to Shanghai. Oh, for those of you who don’t know, yes you can in fact travel via freight ships courtesy of websites such as freighterexpeditions.com.au. It appears that the leg from Seattle to Shanghai will take 14 days, which should give plenty of time for you to do just about anything, as I’m sure there will be literally nothing else to do on a container ship since we won’t be traveling past the horn of Africa.

Finally we have arrived in Shanghai!

Ah, screw vicarious travel, why not actually go out and travel.

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