Yik Yak Paddywhack, Give the Kid a Phone…

Yik Yak, God what have students done without it? The feeling of posting anonymously to other students for positive up-votes is something they can’t resist. Whether you wanna talk about not getting laid; the fact that your teacher is boring and hope others know that feeling; and even talking about how gay you think the frats are.

Students have a lot they like to talk about, but having to tell people about openly can be a real bitch for them, so what better than a place that the only people that can trace what you said is the NSA. The only thing that halts this app truly being the greatest thing to happen to uni students since alcohol was created, is the fact that photos are not part of the party.

Joking aside, this app is truly ingenious in allowing people who are perhaps all watching the same game in the same stadium be able to talk when they are not nearby. It allows for convo’s about how bad the players are playing, or how nice of a booty the cheerleaderĀ has on the sidelines.

I hope to see more with this app in the future since I am a college kid myself. It adds another element of community to you and your fellow students, so you can know that your not alone in how drunk hungover you are and the lecture today in class can go screw itself. My how amazingly weird college is from the rest of the world?

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