Mumbled Minds Welcomes You

The idea came about sometime early in the year. Who can remember? The booze was flowing, the thoughts were pouring, and nothing else was going on in the middle of a dead winter night. Or was it in the Spring? Like I said, who can remember when the idea came about, but the fact is that we did it. We created a website!

We live in an apartment in Grand Forks, ND, trying to finish school and looking for jobs that will give us the money to hopefully have others make better websites instead of three schmucks with a laptop sitting inside on a nice day trying to figure out how WordPress works. The three of us being Alan, Alec, and Hunter.

With our combined powers we can hopefully make an enjoyable site of videos and posts that will keep you enjoyed whenever we post because this site will be run by those with a lack of commitment, and too much self-indulgence.

Reply your own Mumblings

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